Online Clothes Business Opportunities: How to Sell Dropshipped T-Shirts

Online Clothes Business Opportunities: How to Sell Dropshipped T-Shirts

Looking for new ways to earn money? Interested in online clothes business opportunities and ideas? Here is how to sell dropshipped t-shirts online with no inventory!


You’ve set up your Shopify account and now you are ready to build your own clothing store. Selling clothing online is a great way to earn extra money, connect with customers, and build a successful brand.

The demand for t-shirts is constantly growing and it is time to do something. Have you ever considered drop shipping?

Dropshipping is when a third-party manages orders and shipping for you. In other words, handling inventory and shipping are none of your problems anymore. All you have to do is list your t-shirts online on Shopify for people to be able to purchase them.


When starting something new, some people worry they don’t have enough resources to start a business, they don’t have time to run a company, and etc. In reality, it is easier than you think. In order for you to take advantage of online clothes business opportunities such as selling t-shirts, you only need 3 things:

  • A website: Shopify offers you numerous tools you can use to build a perfectly-looking store. Shopify integrated with dropshipping services (Printful is one of the best to recommend).
  • A unique design to sell on t-shirts: You will need to come up with a unique design that will be printed on the t-shirts. You can make your designs in Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, MS Paint, Glimp, and etc. If you think you are not creative enough, you can hire a designer to help you out.
  • Choose a payment gateway: Paypal is undoubtedly one of the best payment gateways out there. Shopify offers other payment gateways (organized by country). You can check the list and select the method through which you will sell clothes online.


One thing that stands in the way from starting your own t-shirt brand is the lack of fear or motivation. You require no big investment, you don’t have to deal with packaging, inventory, shipping, and etc.

We live in a world where people are used to buying online. So, take advantage of the tools available, set up your own t-shirt store, and get in on the growing industry.


Start with Shopify and build your way up! Time or money is no longer an excuse. Start selling t-shirts today!

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